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My interests run the gamut. From the stock market to fitness, I like keeping up to date on what’s going down. My main passion is health & fitness, I’m a qualified Personal Trainer and I like to help people work on being a better version of themselves.

I also have a Master’s degree in Business & Information Systems, which lead to a run in the financial services industry. I like the industry and I dabble in stocks and cryptos.

My strategy is to go long and not be spooked into paper handing, if you believe in a company's fundamentals, then…

fat loss

Look better on the outside and feel better on the inside

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Being overweight or even obese are not optimal options for a healthy and active lifestyle. Excess weight can lead to numerous health complications including diabetes and heart disease to mention a few. With this in mind, it’s important that you look after yourself and follow the appropriate steps to living an active and fulfilling life.

Pick a combination of options from the below list that work best for you. The sooner you start, the sooner you can start to see tangible results!

#1. Consume a High Protein Diet

A high protein diet is optimal regardless of whether you are looking to lose weight or build muscle…

Muscle. Fitness

Focus on these 3 areas for optimal results

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Building muscle isn’t necessarily easy, it can be a complex process. It’s true that there is a role played by genetics and some people will find it easier to build muscle as compared to others. The more type 2 muscle fibres you have, the more real estate there is to build muscle. Regardless of this fact, there is a process to follow to maximize your muscle building potential.

There is no doubt that some will take shortcuts to enhance their physique, but this guide will explore the natural journey. How much muscle you can build will ultimately be dictated by…

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Here are some points to consider

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Welcome to The Gist, and thanks for stopping by! As mentioned before, the topics covered in The Gist include health, fitness, personal development and travel. So, if you have a story to tell, then by all means, send it over!

The vision is to grow the publication throughout 2021, having quality stories that will be of interest to people in the specified areas. We’d like to get to a point where there are stories added daily. The community ethos is to read and support other writers in the group.

Some good news is that follower numbers have more than doubled…

And we are off to see a pod of Orcas


Lots of fun things to do in Vancouver, BC. For me, spending time on a whale watching tour is right up there. There are many enjoyable elements that encapsulate such an adventure. Things that come to mind?

Well, you get fantastic views of downtown Vancouver and the BC coastline, an opportunity to learn about marine life, the thrill of a boat adventure and the privilege to see such beautiful mammals in their natural habitat. Did that sell it to you? Thought so, and with that, let’s get to it!

Setting Sail from Granville Island

Unfortunately, the tour got off on the wrong foot. We had…


Get ready to send the right muscle building signals!

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The life of a hardgainer can be tough. I know from experience! You think you are doing everything right, but start to feel demoralized when you just ain’t seeing those expected gains. You even get a stage where you start thinking to yourself, is it even worth training x times a week with minimal results?

The answer is Yes, it is worth it, but only if you are smart about it! You need to switch up the approach to get results. It’s the same with anything, you have to willing to make changes to get where you want to be…

Muscle Building

Get in the fast lane for muscle growth

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Being blessed with favourable genetics, definitely makes it easier to not only build muscle, but to pack on size relatively fast. Some good news? The vast majority of people will find it difficult to build muscle. That doesn’t mean that you can’t, it just means you have to work that bit harder!

Regardless of elite genetics or not, building muscle as fast as is naturally possible will require you to take some action. Consider implementing the options below to expedite your muscle building process.

#1. Focus on Strength & Hypertrophy

Your main goal should be getting stronger because when you get stronger, you will be able…


There is a lot more to Whistler than just a ski resort!

Credit: Author

I remember thinking to myself on the bus ride back to Vancouver that I wanted to spend more time in the wonderful Whistler. You see, we decided to do a day trip from Rain City to Whistler. Very doable when you study the geography. Whistler is located roughly 80 miles north of Vancouver, which takes roughly 1.5 hours to arrive, depending on traffic.

The downside with a day a trip, is that you feel somewhat rushed, especially if you love the outdoors and nature. Whistler is famous for its abundance of mountains and is super busy in the Winter months…

Fat Loss

Flip the script for sustained fat loss success

Photo by alan KO on Unsplash

Is your perception holding you back when it comes to fat loss? You see, you may not be doing it right, and then you get discouraged when you don’t see results. Or maybe you see some short term results, but they quickly evaporate when you deviate from the plan.

Getting to the bottom of some fat loss myths, and how they are holding you back can help you on your fat loss mission. …

Dinner time on the dock

Credit: Author

While touring around the delightful Granville Island, I meandered towards the dock. Firstly, our whale watching tour was departing from here and secondly, the views of the Vancouver downtown skyline are awesome from the Island.

While tourists were gathering for departure, I started taking some pictures. Mainly of the skyline and the activity around the dock. The dock was busy with boats departing and pulling up. Nice photo opportunities in the general vicinity.

I initially was taking a picture of a departing boat, when I noticed a bird just chilling near the edge of the dock, and decided to take…

Patrick Duane

I’m a fusion of finance and fitness. Background in financial services, certified PT, blogger, world traveler. Blazing my own trail. Blog: https://pdfitness.net

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