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The vision is to grow the publication throughout 2021, having quality stories that will be of interest to people in the specified areas. We’d like to get to a point where…

Blazing my own trail

Looking back, I was never one for planning for the future. I focused on living in the moment, having as much fun as I could. Growing up on a farm in the countryside of county Cork and with my parents also running a bar on the premises, life was chaotic. I did pretty much as I pleased which was great.

I preferred being outdoors and playing sport. Soccer, hurling, Gaelic football, basketball, golf, cycling and tennis were some of my favourites. During the Summer, me and my friends would get up early and would go on adventures for hours. Where…

Travel. Bratislava

And it was kinda cool

You name it, Bratislava has it. Castle? Check. Old Town? Check. Major river that runs through it? Check. There is something else of note, that I’m not aware of any other European city having. That being a resident UFO and this UFO is smack bang in the centre that can be seen for miles. More on this later!

Let me get into more detail about my visit to the Slovakian capital and I have a lot to tell as I can assure you that there was very little downtime in my 24-hour plus visit.

Exploring Old Town

Like with many cities on mainland…

Mexico. Travel

A typical evening during magical times

Every day, we went to the beach at the same time. I tell you straight up that the sunsets over the Sea of Cortez are not to be missed. Cooler conditions also make it more refreshing. Daytime temperatures can be extreme with the blazing heat and blinding sun. Sipping in the shade on refreshing Margheritas in the late morning, early afternoon is a better alternative.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? We preferred the temperate evening conditions and front row tickets to the light show. The water, still warm and is an ideal time for a dip!

We did our daily…

Protein. Diet. Health

Reasons to add tasty shakes to your daily diet

For many fitness enthusiasts, protein shakes play a significant role in packing on muscle. Convenience and the affordability of high quality protein are 2 major factors in the explosion of protein powders in the daily diet requirements.

With this reliance on protein shakes, the benefits of producing yummy shakes can’t be overstated.

Put simply, the better tasting the shake is, the easier it is to consume day after day.

Furthermore, it not just the everyday Joe consuming these shakes, professional athletes are utilizing these shakes to get out in front. …


Options to consider when visiting Dublin

As part of my active lifestyle, I’m impressed with Dublin City for its vast array of walks and hikes. For me, I like walking and hiking for multiple reasons. Benefits include, getting some fresh air, zoning out of the daily grind and an underrated form of cardio.

Of the multiple options available, I have it narrowed them down to my top 3. Ranging from the north side of the city to the south side and in between. Great variety in terms of locations if nothing else.

Poolbeg Lighthouse Walk

First up on my list is the Poolbeg Lighthouse Walk, aka The Great South…

Travel. Europe

A visit to the Austrian Capital

I arrived in Vienna after spending 1 night in Bratislava. It made sense to me to spend more time in Vienna as it’s much larger than Bratislava with a lot more to see and do. The 2 cities are close to each other and going between both is quick. Vienna has a reputation of being one of the prettiest cities in Europe, I can safely say, it didn’t disappoint.

Journey from Bratislava

As I mentioned above, I landed in Vienna from Bratislava. I took the Twin City Liner boat from Bratislava. I purchased an afternoon ticket for the boat. Boat trip was around…

Travel. Emerald Isle

A fun adventure along the wild Atlantic way

Without doubt, the Dingle peninsula is one of the most stunning areas that I have visited in Ireland. I have visited the famous town of Dingle multiple times over the years. So, over the holiday season, it was time to return and delve further into the peninsula to explore new areas. The road trip did not disappoint and was so much fun.

As we were staying in county Kerry for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, doing daily road trips around the county is very doable. The drive to Dingle was about 1 hour from where we were staying. We didn’t…

Travel. Spring Training

A look back on my first Spring training game

With spring training currently in full swing, I’m going to take a look back at my first spring training game in Arizona. I’m not a big baseball fan, however attending games in person is a lot more fun than watching a game on TV.

I had attended 2 regular season games previously, one in Boston, and the other in Toronto. Based off those experiences, I was looking forward to this game. The game we went to was between the Kansas City Royals and the Texas Rangers. …

Travel. Wine

Cycling through the Austrian countryside and the odd tipple of wine

I decided to do a wine tasting tour while visiting Vienna. For me, it definitely sounded like a perfect way to spend a day. Cycling in the Austrian countryside surrounded by vineyards. Plus, it’s a fantastic option if you are looking to do something different.

Although, luck was on my side as when booking the tour online, I got one of the last places on the only day I could do the tour. Those are the risks associated with late bookings.

Morning of the Tour

I arrived to the meeting point early. There was a big group waiting for the tour, around 20 people…

Patrick Duane

I’m a fusion of finance and fitness. Background in financial services, certified PT, blogger, world traveler. Blazing my own trail. Blog: https://pdfitness.net

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